AI creates job opportunities in India: IBM

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only transforming the way we live and work, but also creating new opportunities for jobs and economic growth in India. According to a recent report by IBM, India is among the leading countries where companies have deployed AI, with 59% of large organisations (over 1,000 employees) using AI actively in their businesses. The report also found that 74% of Indian enterprises that are working with AI have accelerated their investments in AI in the past 24 months, especially in areas like research and development (R&D) and workforce reskilling.

AI is enabling businesses to improve their efficiency, productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. For example, AI can help automate repetitive tasks, analyse large amounts of data, generate insights and recommendations, enhance customer service, and create new products and services. Some of the sectors that are benefiting from AI include healthcare, education, agriculture, retail, banking, and manufacturing.

However, AI also poses some challenges that need to be addressed to ensure its ethical and responsible use. These include ensuring data privacy and security, avoiding bias and discrimination, ensuring transparency and explainability, and developing skills and talent for AI. IBM report highlighted that costs and skill gap are the biggest barriers to AI adoption in India, followed by data quality and trust issues. The report also suggested that businesses need to invest in data and AI governance tools to build AI models that they can trust and use confidently.

To leverage the full potential of AI, India also needs to foster a strong ecosystem of collaboration among the government, industry, academia, and civil society. The government has taken several initiatives to promote AI, such as launching the National AI Strategy, setting up the National AI Portal, and establishing the National Centre for AI. The industry has also been actively investing in AI research, innovation, and talent development. The academia has been offering various courses and programs to train students and professionals in AI. The civil society has been raising awareness and advocating for the social and environmental impact of AI.

AI is a powerful technology that can help India achieve its economic and social goals, as well as address some of the pressing challenges that the country faces. By embracing AI with a holistic and human-centric approach, India can unlock new opportunities for growth and development, and become a global leader in AI.

It discusses how AI is creating new job opportunities and economic growth in India, as well as the challenges and opportunities that it presents. It cites a report by IBM that shows that India is among the leading countries where companies have deployed AI, and that Indian enterprises have increased their investments in AI in the past two years. It also gives examples of how AI is benefiting various sectors and industries in India, and how the government, industry, academia, and civil society are collaborating to promote AI. It concludes by saying that AI can help India achieve its goals and address its challenges, if it is used ethically and responsibly.

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