How AI is Transforming Google’s Ad Sales Business

Google’s Ad

Google, the world’s largest online advertising company, is reorganizing its Google’s ad sales unit as it implements artificial intelligence (AI) based tools for creating and suggesting ads. This move eliminates the need for specialized employees to sell ads for specific Google services, such as YouTube, Gmail, and Maps. According to a report by The Wall … Read more

AI for investments: How do we move on from past habits?

AI for investments

Artificial intelligence (AI) for investments is transforming the world of finance, offering new possibilities for enhancing investment performance, reducing risk, and improving efficiency. However, many investors are still reluctant to embrace AI, sticking to their old habits and methods. How can we overcome this resistance and leverage the power of AI for better investment outcomes? … Read more

How AI is Transforming the Investment Industry


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that can process large amounts of data, learn from patterns, and generate insights. AI is increasingly being used in various domains, including the investment industry. In this article, we will explore how Artificial intelligence is helping investors make better decisions and achieve higher returns. AI for Risk Management … Read more

How to Test AI Consciousness: Methods and Challenges

Test AI Consciousness

Test AI consciousness is one of the most intriguing and controversial topics in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). It refers to the question of whether AI can have subjective experiences, feelings, thoughts, and self-awareness, similar to humans and other animals. AI consciousness has important implications for the ethical and social aspects of AI and … Read more

AI companionship: a new trend for senior citizens in the US

AI companionship

AI companionship: Senior citizens in the US are using AI chatbots and robots to cope with loneliness and isolation. Some of the popular AI companions include Replika, ElliQ, and Mabu. Loneliness and isolation are serious issues that affect many senior citizens in the US, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a study by the National … Read more

Grimes unveils a new AI toy called Grok which can talk to children


Grimes, the Canadian musician and former partner of Elon Musk has launched a new project that combines her interest in artificial intelligence and children’s education. She has collaborated with Curio, a Silicon Valley start-up, to create Grok, an AI-powered plush toy that can converse with kids and record their interactions. Grok is a rocket-shaped toy … Read more

India preparing AI regulations, IBM’s AI acquisition, and more


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive and transformative technologies of our time. IBM’s AI has the potential to revolutionize various sectors and domains, such as healthcare, education, agriculture, and security. However, it also poses significant challenges and risks, such as ethical, legal, social, and economic implications. Therefore, it is crucial to have … Read more

How to fine-tune AI models for understanding Indian languages

Indian languages

India is a country of linguistic diversity, with 22 official languages and hundreds of regional dialects. This poses a challenge for developing artificial intelligence (AI) models that can understand and communicate in different Indian languages. Experts Dr Manish Gupta, Director-Research, Google, and Kalika Bali, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research India, shared their insights on how to … Read more